Junker vs Cameron

The highly regarded european statesman Jean-Claude Juncker is now President-elect of the European Commission. He was previously Prime Minister of Luxembourg , the longest-serving head of government of any European Union country, and one of the longest-serving democratically elected leaders in the world. His skills as Luxembourg’s Minister for Finances were well put to use as first permanent President of the Euro group , in which he did a masterful job guiding Europe through the late european financial and sovereign debt crisis. Mr Juncker champions the major european idea of a socially, politically and economically strong European community. This is opposed to the English opinion that think of Europe only in terms of using it for getting rich – as an economic community. As the English prime minster was unsuccessful in stopping or blocking the installation of the democratically elected Mr Juncker, with an eye on his own internal upcoming re-elections immediately reshuffled his internal English cabinet making the former War Secretary Philip Hammond secretary of state.Mr. Hammond is an outspoken militant and anti –European. This was a clear signal from Mr. Cameron toward Europe, and was designed to gain internal European skeptic support for the next English election.. For the first time in open discussion the idea of a ‘two speed’ Europe is being mentioned, those countries that want to continue toward a solid European union on the inside and those countries that want to keep it weak on the outside. The continent countries and people are the former, the English the latter. Mr. Cameron knows that being on the outside looking in will not serve Britons best interests, however this is the net result of his machinations. Do you think Europe should be united, or do you agree that there should be a second group of ‘outsiders ‘ – countries peripheral to the central core.


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